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Greene County URECA - Property Search
Conducting a Search:
1. Enter appropriate information into one or more fields.
     A. To search by owner please enter the last name followed by first name or initial (i.e. Jones Robert).
     B. To search by parcel id please enter the 18 character long parcel id in the text field next to 'By Parcel ID'.
     C. To search by address please enter the house number, street, and select one of the street types from the dropdown.  For the best address results please make sure you include the house number and the correct spelling of the street.  A street name is required.
     D. To do an advanced search please click the 'Show Advance Search' button.  This will show the advance search criteria options.  To select a critera check the checkbox next to the one you want to search by.  You can have mulitpe checkboxes selected at once.

2. Click the Search button.

3. If a single property is found, real estate information about that parcel will be displayed immediately within this window.

4. If multiple properties are found, a list of parcels will be displayed. Clicking on the Parcel ID number for a specific parcel will display its real estate information.

5. Various specific types of real estate information can be displayed using the buttons to the left or on top.

The Map:
• The Map displays the location of the Subject Parcel.

• Tools are available at the top of the map for zooming in, zooming out, recentering, and selecting a Subject Parcel.

• The tools require only a single click on the map. For example, if you wish to zoom in, choose the Zoom In tool, click once on the map, and a new map will be displayed zoomed in and centered on where you clicked.

• If you make a change to the Map Size or to the Layer List, you must click Refresh to see the change.

• The extent to which a zoom in or zoom out occurs is based on the Zoom Factor. For example, a Zoom Factor of 1 will zoom in very little, while a Zoom Factor of 4 will zoom in a lot.

• The Zoom Factor also controls the extent to which the map is zoomed in or out on a Subject Parcel. For example, if the Zoom Factor is set to 1 and a new Subject Parcel is established, the map of the new Subject will be zoomed in to the exact outline of the Parcel. If, however, the Zoom Factor is set to 2, the map will be zoomed out somewhat, revealing more of the area surrounding the Subject Parcel.

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